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There were so many interesting techniques to use for this project. I chose the water droplet technique, because it interested me the most. I put a small drop of water on my iphone camera, and i took a picture of one of my notebooks. This part really interested me, because something cool happened that I did not expect. The notebook was blue, and the blue and white color seemed to life of of the notebook in the photo, and cloud above it, as you can see in the above photos. The first photo was taken without flash, and the second photo with flash. Overall, I am very happy with the way these photos came out. I think it is very cool how the colors blended together and separated from the notebook, almost as a tie-dye design.

Leading Lines

In the first image, I was the subject. The fence surrounding me provided many leading lines from all angles and corners, leading into me. The shadows on the grass in the first image also provided many more leading lines, I tried to draw them all in, Sorry if it's messy looking!:( In the second image, the truck was m subject. Lines on the road and patterns in the sunrise both provided natural leading lines into the truck, and power lines and traffic lights also provided a few more leading lines. I think these images both came out nice, and were a good example of showing the leading lines.

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